We are Software & Cloud Solution consultants based in Singapore.

Free your business from expensive, on-premise solutions to modern cloud-based architecture.

Practical, Sensible & Cost Effective Solutions

We use best-in-class solutions to deliver long term results.

Cloud Services & Deployment Partner

Application Development and Logic

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Containerization and Virtualization

Cloud Application Platform

Software strategy that makes sense.

Installing software is the easy part. Changing to new software is challenging.

Ease adoption of new software.

Minimise software adoption time and costs by syncing data from legacy data sources into your new business application.

Built to scale.

We futureproof your projects with state-of-the-art Cloud Infrastructure and Virtualization technologies so that it keeps up with your growing business.

Stable & Reliable results.

We build your projects upon Test-driven Development, Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) methods, so your business hums without a break.

Better than “Agile”.

The only way to better result is by working closely together.

Design & Scoping

Our team will work with you to uncover your business challenges and bring you through a collaborative design process to draft up viable solutions.

Build & Verify

Our engineers will build software solutions from our local office, with feedback provided through continuous delivery into staging servers.

Deploy & Monitor

We launch your software into a cloud infrastructure and monitor its stability & performance through multiple tools.

Telematics and Fleet Management?

We deliver cost effective telematics solutions for fleets of all sizes.

From $24 / device. Free Installation & No device cost.

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